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Information Capitalism’s Solution to Structural Unemployment: A (Prison) Laboring Neo-Lumpenproletariat

In Structural Unemployment and the Qualitative Transformation of Capitalism, Thomas A. Hirschl asks an important rhetorical question: “If electronics technology replaces labor, where will the jobs be in ‘information capitalism’?” (Hirschl 160). The short answer is, in Hirschl’s own words, … Continue reading

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A ‘you didn’t build that’ look at digital capitalism

In The Political Economy of International Communications: Foundations for the Emerging Global Debate about Media Ownership and Regulation, Robert W. McChesney and Dan Schiller expand upon and reiterate many of the ideas introduced earlier by Schiller in Digital Capitalism: Networking … Continue reading

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Structural Unemployment: A Formula for Revolution?

It’s hard not to notice the relentless “jobs” rhetoric tossed about by both parties in the current presidential race. From what I’ve gathered (for my own sanity I try to remain a casual observer), when it comes to sound bites … Continue reading

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Robotics and its 47% problem

In Robotics: A Route to the Survival of Advanced Societies?, Dwight D. Murphey commits several fallacies, and some of his ideas are even downright offensive. Among other things, he consistently demonizes immigration, insists on the “declining willingness of younger American … Continue reading

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A Serious Comedian: Honoré Daumier’s Critique of Photography and Modern Society

The caption beneath this 1862 lithograph by French caricature artist Honoré Daumier reads “Nadar elevating Photography to the height of Art.” The print comically typecasts Gaspard-Félix Tournachon (known as Nadar) as a mad scientist or absent-minded professor figure who—in his … Continue reading

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